A Thank You Gift for a Wonderful Art Teacher

19 May, 2014 by Julie - 8 Comments

Hey ya’ll!

Well, school is just about done for my daughter and I am so happy that she has had so many wonderful teachers. I love her teachers! Seriously, she has really lucked out and had some amazing teachers. It has always been important to me that her teachers and I work in concert to ensure that K gets a good education, to avoid any misunderstandings or poor communication, and to resolve any issues that may arise, as soon as possible (whether it be educational or personal).

K LOVES to draw! Paint, charcoal, watercolor, Photoshop and Corel Painter are her favorite mediums. Her recent art teacher has been AMAZING and very kind. While I made sure her other teachers got wonderful gifts, I decided to make a little something for K’s art teacher. I had not plan on making anything, but a recent trip to Michael’s inspired me.

I found a garden caddy that was on sale, but instead of a garden caddy, my mind saw a cute desktop art caddy. I bought a couple of other supplies, as well as using what I already had.


Supplies used to decorate art caddy for a wonderful art teacher.

Supplies used to decorate art caddy for a wonderful art teacher.


While I like the word “Bloom” on the caddy, I knew it would not be applicable. Instead, I bought a thin piece of wood at Michael’s and trimmed it down. I spray painted it with chalkboard spray paint and adhered it to the caddy  (in the space labeled “Bloom”) using Locktite power grab.


Caddy with chalkboard insert in place.

Caddy with chalkboard insert in place.


I then added some bling ribbon around the chalkboard insert.


DIY Art Caddy for Teacher

I saw this ribbon at Michael’s and thought it would look cute around the chalkboard insert.


After spray painting the “S” metal bookmark, I hung it on the caddy handle (it would not stay centered) and started putting everything else together. Because the caddy was originally a garden caddy, I decided to use green tissue paper for grass inside the caddy. I added two boxes of chalk (colored and white), a hot and cold tumbler filled with M&M’s and Skittles, and Sharpie oil based paint markers. Using my Silhouette Cameo and card stock paper, I cut out some white petals to place on top of the Sharpie markers (flowers). :) I also used the Silhouette Cameo to create the words on the chalkboard insert. Note: I tried hand writing the saying with chalk, but I kept smearing it. :( The pink “ART” letters are stickers I had left over from a previous project.


Art Teacher Gift

Garden caddy transformed into an art desk top caddy .


Art Teacher Gift

I has so much fun making this!

I also found these water color type thank you cards at Target. K used these to write a personal note.

Water color thank you card I found at Target.

Water color thank you cards I found at Target.

By the way, in the card I included a gift card to local art supply store, AMC, and a local coffee shop not too far from the school. K’s art teacher LOVED everything! The other teachers got M&M and Skittle filled tumblers, as well as gift cards enclosed in the card from K. We had fun delivering the goods to her teachers!

If you are a teacher and reading this, THANK YOU for ALL that you do! 😀





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8 Responses to “A Thank You Gift for a Wonderful Art Teacher”

  1. Let me just say that this is just beautiful! What you have created here is a work of art in itself! My goodness! And being a former art teacher it is so wonderful that you are recognizing this teacher as sometimes “specials” teachers do not always receive end of the year gifts like the regular ed classroom teachers do. I love everything about what you have created here friend! I am pinning it right now! Hope you are feeling better! And a happy week to you!!!! Nicole xoxo

    • Nicole, that is so very sweet of you! Thank you so much for pinning. K’s art teacher (and others) have been very inspirational. :)

      I know some parents may forget the “specials” teachers, but they count too. I believe in a well rounded education and the fact that more and more schools have less money for the arts is disgusting. Heck, one of the schools K had gone to for a year, did not have recess! What the heck is that?! Not only did the kids get bored and had pent up energy (adults get this way too), they got no exercise. Also, the P.E. class was a joke. Let’s feed our kids crap for school lunches and not let them have recess. I was being sarcastic. 😉 Kids need to be able to access all kinds of stuff / learning environments. It helps them to be well rounded and get an idea of what they like and can excel at. Speaking of lunches, I am so getting k a bento box for his school lunch when he starts kindergarten. :)

      Happy week to you, as well. *hugs*

    • Thanks, Brandi! Yes, her art teacher very much loved the caddy. She did not open the card in front of us, but I am sure she was very surprised with the gift cards inside and long note from K. :)

  2. This is just beautiful Julie!! Wow! Such a beautiful gift, and it did look like fun to make! Great job and I am sure it meant a lot to the art teacher, every good teacher deserves to know how special they are, and the water color and the card is awesome!

    • Thanks, Mindi! It was very fun to make and was important to me that her teachers know how much they mean to me. Luckily, when we were delivering the gifts, I was able to verbally express my gratitude to the teachers. 😀

  3. What a beautiful gift, and your genuine appreciation is so gracious. As a teacher, I remember the gifts parents and their children have given me, no matter how small or how big. I remember the look on the parent or child’s face and I remember what thought, what wish in the form of gift, that they chose to leave me. These leave imprints in me of human kindness that fuel my service. I have a feeling you have left that kind of imprint by the thoughtfulness of your gifts! :)

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