Garage Makeover Series – Spray Paint Organization

13 August, 2014 by Julie - 17 Comments

Well, I was not able to fully finish the latest building project (I am so close). The sanding, spackle, sanding, primer, sanding, paint, lightly sand and paint again, is taking longer than I thought. However, this thing is smooth as butter! My post will either be up Friday or next Monday. It will more than likely be a tutorial, which takes me f o r e v e r to write.

Anyway, ALL the new cabinets are built and in place! Woo-Hoo! I am going through all the stuff in the garage and slowly organizing it. I finally organized all my spray paint cans and realized that a lot of the ones in the garage were either almost empty or empty. Why did I leave empty spray paint cans all over the place? I must have been high on paint fumes. Well, now they have a beautiful new home. When I see the below picture, it makes me smile.


Spray Paint Organization

I love the way this looks in the new cabinet!


The only thing I used was leftover MDF (3/4″ height by 2’1/2″ width) and white spray paint. The boards were cut to 22’5/8″ in length to fit within the cabinet and then spray painted. By the way, I was inspired to do this after seeing a post by Mindi, at My Love 2 Create, but I could not find the post. Mindi, get a me a link! I want to give credit where credit is due. :)



I spray painted MDF boards and used the cabinet box as a drop cloth. :)


I used a total of ten cut boards (shelves) and tiered them inside the cabinet.



I have mini stairs inside.


Super easy and it provides me with a peace of mind. Now, I know where all my spray paint is! Not only were some in the garage, but also throughout the house! I went around looking for abandoned cans of spray paint. Sad, I know.

Alrighty, I am going to keep chugging along and finish up the latest building project and organize the garage some more. It is what I do while waiting for the paint to dry. Fun, fun!

Have a FUN rest of the week and organize something. It is a simple way to bring piece of mind 😀







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17 Responses to “Garage Makeover Series – Spray Paint Organization”

    • Thanks, Christy. Yeah, my spray paints were really out of control. I probably had about ten to fifteen more cans that were either empty or just about. lol I think I have a spray paint addiction. 😉

  1. Wow I am a little jealous of your collection…except I probably have close the same amount hee hee! I probably have some empty cans too! This is awesome, and I am thinking someone else gets credit because I am not sure I gave you the idea, but thanks for thinking I did! Lol! Can’t wait to see your “smooth as butter” project!

    • lol – Too funny! I guess I need to try and figure out where I saw that post. It was over a year ago. I really thought it was you. Ha!

      I am hoping I do not find any more spray paint cans. I do have some not on the shelf, but there are being used and emptied for the building projects and other stuff in the garage. I think I am done sanding though. Finally! 😉

  2. What a fantastically simple idea! Definitely going to have to do something with my spray paint before it takes over. It is in a box a the moment but I might have to find some cupboard space.

    • Thanks, Nicki. Hey, if something can be done simply and cheaply, then I do it. :) Yep, my spray paint took over the garage and house. Not a good thing. lol

  3. What a great idea! I love that you can see the tops of all the cans so you know what colors you have! Mine are a mess…might have to borrow your idea. :)

    • Thank you, Cecilia! I love seeing the top of the cans and knowing what my inventory is, with one glance. So much better than trying to look for cans all over the place. Lady, borrow away! 😀

    • Thanks, Nancy! I have a very laughable list, too. :) Hey, organize your paint stash or something. Seriously, sometimes it is better to do the little stuff and get that immediate gratification. lol Besides, it is so nice to find all my paints now and have a place for them.

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